A solid dose of business expertise, a generous amount of relationship building, heaping quantities of grit and a healthy measurement of self-awareness are ingredients in the recipe for success of minority business enterprises (MBEs) working in St. Louis’ construction industry.

MBE firms of all sizes and specialties are woven into the fabric of St. Louis’ built environment.  While a sizable number of MBE firms got their start in connection with a major construction project, the genesis for others was a transition from the trades to the office. Still others found their path to MBE ownership via education, be it from the walls of the university or a one-on-one mentoring relationship. Many have built upon working relationships with larger first in the private sector, working on their projects.

Regardless of the avenue through which they traveled to launch an MBE firm, determination, hard work and extroversion equipped and motivated them to succeed.

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