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ST. LOUIS, MO – AMJ Investment Group in partnership with Kwame Building Group (KWAME), the City of St. Louis and Alderman John Collins-Muhammad is announcing the $81 million The City District, which will revitalize 10 blocks in the historic O’Fallon Park Neighborhood in North St. Louis City.

A series of new construction and redevelopment initiatives will reimagine 610,000 square feet across 128 parcels into retail spaces, single and multi-family homes and community greenspace. The City District will preserve and capture the area’s rich history and architecture and honor the cultural uniqueness of the community. The project is scheduled to complete in Spring 2025.

“The City District is about taking direct responsibility for the economic development of the next generation of our city. This project aims to not simply ‘redevelop’ the O’Fallon Neighborhood, but also provide overdue opportunities and a well-deserved chance for the area to economically thrive,” said Miki Jones, president of AMJ Investment Group,The City District’s developer, and the 29-year-old visionary for the project.

Phase One
During the $34 million Phase One, 66 parcels will be demolished and the land will be reallocated for new construction of retail, homes and community greenspaces. More than 50 percent of these properties are currently vacant. The construction team is working on master plan and design development and bidding. Demolition will begin in March. Kwame Building Group is serving as the construction manager and program manager. The architect is Jackson Design Group.

In Phase One, the construction team also will build City Plaza, which will create vibrant shopping and recreational opportunities and a thriving local labor force. The commercial center will feature extensive retail and office space, including a grocery store and bowling alley.

Phase Two
The O’ Fallon Neighborhood is home to some of St. Louis’ largest and most historical homes rivaling the size and stylings found in the Central West End and surrounding Tower Grove Park and Forest Park. In Phase Two, $1 million will be invested in rehabilitating 26 existing homes. Large single-family homes will be converted into multi-use rental properties while retaining their architectural history. A $24 million project will construct new single and multi-family homes.

Culturally competent and equitable redevelopment practices will be central throughout the five-year project. The KWAME team is committed to maximizing MBE/WBE and local firm participation. The project team has established a partnership with the City of St. Louis to increase community safety and security focused on community competent policing. Existing infrastructure will be reimagined to improve and promote public transit and pedestrian accessibility.

About The O’Fallon Park Neighborhood
The O’Fallon Park neighborhood was created from divided farmland nearly 145 years ago. The City District is one of several redevelopment projects planned for this area of North St. Louis City, including the new $2 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency located 3 miles away and a planned $80 million medical school for Ponce Health Sciences University.

“I’m proud of this ambitious plan to bring redevelopment to the 21st Ward. Working with the talented and zealous representatives of the AMJ Investment Group coupled with construction management expertise of Kwame Building Group, we are relaying a foundation to foster an economic resurgence in North City,” said Alderman John Collins-Muhammad. “This development project represents the future of our community. These community-led developments not only bring much needed quality housing and commercial construction to our treasured part of North City, but also demonstrate our commitment to revitalization through grassroots organizing and community planning.”

The City District Team
AMJ Investment Group is a multifaceted real estate investing firm founded by Miki Jones, a 29-year-old lifelong resident of St. Louis. Prior to forming AMJ Investment Group, Jones was a project manager and real estate investor. Jones and her team of professional service providers collaborate with real estate investors, business owners, homeowners and future homeowners to assist clients with their investing desires.

Jones has developed a team of specialists for this project, all under the age of 30. They include commercial real estate consultant, Calvin Mooney; communications consultant, Jasmine Evans; and creative director, Ashlee Nichole.

St. Louis-based Kwame Building Group is serving as the construction manager and program manager for The City District project. One of the nation’s top pure construction management firms, KWAME provides estimating, scheduling, project planning, value engineering and other project management services as an independent advocate for owners and developers. KWAME has an extensive track record of large, complex projects in a range of industries, including educational facilities, major airports nationwide, light-rail systems, hospitals, wastewater treatment facilities and government facilities. KWAME is concurrently working on major construction projects in St. Louis and nationwide, including St. Louis’ new Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium.

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