Alterra Worldwide is inviting all contractors and suppliers to attend a job-walk for the Jefferson Arms Project on June 12th, 2023, at 10 AM. Currently, Jefferson Arms resides at 415 N Tucker Blvd and continues to be renovated into a Marriott AC Hotel. This is an opportunity for all contractors and suppliers to receive information regarding this redevelopment. Alterra’s goal is to invite more contractors to bid on the project. The job walk will begin at the corner of Locust and N Tucker Blvd. Please bring all PPE and safety gear in order to perform the job walk.

bidding opportunities for contractors and developers


Founded in 2003, Kwame Charitable Foundation is the charitable arm of Kwame Building Group. Kwame Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to address a prevailing need among African American students who have the aptitude and motivation for college, but who lack the financial and other resources necessary to succeed and graduate. Programs include contributions to universities for scholarships, educational mentorships, internship opportunities and training to prepare for an ever-evolving workforce. For 20 years, Kwame Charitable Foundation has been a champion for education and a philanthropic pillar in the St. Louis area and throughout the United States.

For more information about Kwame Charitable Foundation, visit or contact Lydia Huston at or call (314) 754-5619.

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