KWAME’s work to reconstruct .2 miles of the taxiway at St. Louis Lambert International Airport known as Kilo (Taxiway Foxtrot to the cargo apron, an area leading to STL’s North Cargo Area) was named the best Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavement project constructed in this category in the state of Missouri in 2020 by American Concrete Paving Association. KWAME, via their joint venture with HR Green, Inc., provided project management for the highly complex, $6.07M project, which involved removing existing PCC pavement and replacing it with 23,996 square yards of new concrete.

The primary project challenge was completing construction while portions of the pavement were in operation. A four-phase plan was developed that allowed passage of aircraft down one side of the taxiway while the other side was completely rebuilt. Because a full safety area could not be provided, aircraft tugs were used to ensure safe passage for aircraft. Continuous barricades lining the work zone, along with temporary markings, edge lighting and wing walkers, helped keep the tugs safely on track. A tight time frame and limited work hours also posed a significant challenge with necessary operations being restored before the busy holiday season. Through successful coordination and communication and diligent work by the contractor, the project was opened for use 18 days ahead of schedule.